About Us

Welcome to Avico Exim

Avico Exim is a part of the conglomerate of AMUL INDUSTRIES.

Avico Exim is managed by a team of engineers with an aggregate of over 100 years' of experience.

We specifically provide solutions to the ‘Supply-Chain-Management’.

We are at Avico Exim strive to enhance ‘value addition’ in Product designing, Manufacturing, Sourcing parts, Quality audit, Logistics & Warehousing.

Mission & Values

Our main mission is to become a trusted source of business solutions in International trade.

  • Over the years, the demand for skilled and experienced players in the world of Product sourcing, and mechanics has grown by leaps and bounds. Yet, the quest has not come to an end. If you are looking for someone who can help handle all your sourcing needs, look no further. Avico Exim is here to lend you a hand of support.
  • We are reputed across the globe, with clients who are deeply satisfied by our work. Whether it is a conveyor chain, or an accurate machined component that you are aiming to invest in - Avico Exim has it all. Our engineers are trained, and highly talented in offering and exceeding your requirements.
  • We ensure that all our products and services are of premium quality. We take care of everything, ranging from inspection to delivery. In fact, every new supplier housed by Avico Exim undergoes a special development program.
  • The role of this program is to ensure that they are able to deliver without any hassles or tussles. Once a supplier is chosen for one of the tasks, we ensure that they are made to go through a series of quality checks. These checks are designed especially by our in-house experts.
  • This means, the chances of you receiving something faulty is very less! One of the major reasons why customers prefer availing our services would be this! The In-process quality checks are redefined from time to time. Once again, this ascertains the fact that you will receive nothing but the best from us.
  • As products are verified, and prepared for dispatch - you will receive prompt updates. Avico Exim takes care of logistics as well! We offer seamless levels of assistance throughout the delivery phase.
  • Before the products reach this stage, they are made to undergo several rounds of pre-shipment inspection. Well, this is an important operation that ascertains the overall quality of the products, and services offered to our clients. Indeed, this is yet another factor that makes us true leaders in the market.

The Very Many Benefits in Availing Our Services

  • Our industry is never simple, and is subject to severe technological advancements. It takes lots of learning, and knowledge to keep going in this trade.
  • That is why Avico Exim relies on the market leaders! We have some of the town's finest professionals, who have mastered the art of sourcing products. When it comes to quality, we ensure that all our technocrats are well-equipped and asked to undergo the industry's highly recommended trainings, and programs and boast of consistent quality.
  • These are steps taken by the leaders of Avico Exim to ensure that no stones are left untouched. Meanwhile, our company is quite picky with the suppliers too. Our goal is to deliver flawless products to our customers and we promptly share development costs. And, this calls for going an extra mile, and ensuring that our suppliers are also followers of the industry's best practices.
  • For example, we only work with suppliers who have processes that are inspected, and neatly documented. Also, we ensure that all our suppliers abide to ISO 9001:2008 Management Standards.
  • For products to be flawless and delivered at the right hour - it needs to come from a place that features state of art equipment and technology. Well, this is how we hope to achieve high standards and quality too! Before a client is signed up for one of the orders, the work environment is heavily inspected by our experts. We pay close attention to every detail, which will be used to complete the order successfully.
  • Meanwhile, it would be the "interest" of clients to understand what we are accomplishing, as a part of completing their orders!

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