Our Services

Avico Exim appreciates the excitement in getting hold of a cost effective solution.

This is why we keep all our clients informed. We devise Customized package including warehousing & JIT deliveries in America & Europe. We fulfill hassle-free sourcing from India – Single door shop for any engineering product. The moment an order gets signed, the clients will be given comprehensive reports on what is happening with their order. Till the final shipment reaches their destination, the clients are given reports and prompt updates. Indeed, this is how we keep our customers satisfied. Also, this is one of the finest methods followed by Avico Exim to meet deadlines in a cost effective and timely manner.

Strategic Product Outsourcing

  • We are key players in outsourcing various mechanic products like forged parts, precision brass parts, conveyor chains, crank shafts, and antifriction bearings. These are few of the very many products we focus upon.
  • We have nearly a decade of experience in handling these products. Our network spreads into two different divisions: supply chain and order fulfillment.
  • These are two teams that ensure that the products are delivered on time, to clients who could be located across the globe. Before the above mentioned products are sourced, it is important for them to be carefully inspected. This is why we have trained auditing, and inspection teams to help in approving each and every part, before it reaches the hands of our customers.
  • Some of the most common stages covered as a part of shipping these products are:
  • Analysis of customer priorities
  • Understanding product requirements
  • Inspection of product quality
  • Certifying every piece of equipment to be shipped
  • Finally management of the supply chain.
  • Even with the growth of our technologies, and ways of work - customers are quite keen in achieving cost effective and timely solutions. This is one of the main reasons why our experts don't think twice to sit with customers and understand their requirements to the fullest. Regardless of how long it takes - we ensure that every piece of information in the customer requirements document is understood before an order is signed. Open dialogue is one of Avico Exim's key selling qualities.

Advanced Intelligence in Procurement

  • The key in bringing together knowledge and the right raw materials is never simple. It takes plenty of market strategies, and careful planning to make ends meet in the world of procurement.
  • Experts reveal that much of the effort required in pulling together a successful project, depends on your plan. Whenever we come across a procurement or outsourcing project, our engineers engage in filtering and deep market analysis. This helps us understand what is required for seamless execution of the project.
  • A series of decisions are made, and all stakeholders are informed about the “workflow” to be followed in the days to come. Transparency helps us pull together a smart and efficient procurement plan. And, it has taken decades of experience for us to reach such levels of proficiency, and professionalism.
  • During this journey, multiple sources have to be brought together. This includes primary industries and secondary suppliers. It also involves the integration of various associations, databases and tools to form a complete system. As the project is complicated, it becomes even more difficult to create a network of stakeholders who can make a difference. In these cases, our experience and professional team can make a big impact.

Sustainable Connection of Services

  • Next in line would be the ability to connect multiple suppliers in a sustainable manner. Why is this important? When you want to deliver items across the globe, you should be able to come up with solutions that are highly sustainable.
  • This is important when a business wants to survive, in the long run. Once again, our experts have understood the importance in connecting all direct and indirect stakeholders together.

Design and Drafting

Now, design requirement won't make your product development cycle long.

  • Have a drawing but no 3D model or vice versa?
  • Have a drawing and a manufacturer also, but supplier need drawing in English?
  • Have Product Test requirement documents in Non-English language, supplier is not able to understand?
  • All of the above situations makes your product development cycle long. No need to worry about design changes/ design afresh/ alteration/ modifications, we have capable resources to take care of your requirements here. Any language is Okay, Any version of technical data is Okay – your development will not delay.
  • Design data is heart of customer’s project, we do understand this – no need to worry about data secrecy. Your data is safe with us.